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dear dumb little “anon”, 

this isn’t the blog you were attempting to message, the other one you were attempting to locate is under a different url now, which you could have easily accessed by clicking on the username on the post you were crying about

but I don’t have time to pander to your “cutesy” trivializing pronouns

nice job on clicking anon btw but I’ll be nice this time :3c

just realized it doesn’t show up → stonecold-kun

Banshee Strikes: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Q89GxZRuwA
StarPyon: i-
StarPyon: ...
StarPyon: wait did you make her say that?
Banshee Strikes: si.
StarPyon: so her first word was 'penis'?
Banshee Strikes: si.
StarPyon: .....
StarPyon: ye i would be disapointed if it wasnt
→ http://mmezombi.tumblr.com/post/78584710664/superfujisaki-bros-mmezombi-anticishet








no but for real I was glad Saionji died

she was a giant cuntbag

i’m 100% sure that people in the tag dedicated to hiyoko saionji don’t fucking care

also gr8 job tagging your spoilers 10/10

ohh I care if I spoil…

alright, now you’re just being an asshole

i don’t mind if you hate a character, i don’t care if you tag your hate

but what part of this demanded that you bring my pronouns into this and insult them

thank u for turning ur simple opinion about a fictional character into you being a giant douche

No problem, it’s what I do. However, don’t even dare be offended over me calling you out on it. Pronouns are not accessories, which you seem to think they are, considering you chose “bunself.” Honey, that is not a gender, it is an animal. You are trivalizing the trans people that feel dysphoria and the non-binaries who don’t want to be referred to in gendered pronouns.

I. Am. Agender. It says it right there in my about, which is also where I said what my pronouns are. I have seen other people use bun pronouns. I have seen people use pronouns such as fae/faer/faers/faerself. Are you gonna call them out because it sounds similar to ‘fairy’? Bun pronouns are what I’m most comfortable with, and I am agender. I am allowed to choose the pronouns I feel comfortable with. It’s not like I’m cis and using these. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m continuing to talk to a prick like you.

I call out anyone who uses these, because you are trivalizing pronouns by using them as an accessory. And I’ve seen plenty of non-binary people stressed about them because they feel it downplays their struggle to be accepted as non-binary and to be respected as being out of the gender binary. As well as trans members who feel they’ll be ridiculed by people who associate those who use such pronouns with them and some of them actually panic because they’re already mocked and hurt in other places by bigots. And obviously if there’s a problem with bunself, there will obviously be a problem with fae, cat, or whatever you throw at me. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather not associate with you either.